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Hi! My name is Adrian. I live in Southern England. I have helped learners for many years to learn and improve their English. I enjoy meeting people from many places. I am also interested in politics.

I have a hobby which is playing Brazilian-style percussion (drumming) music in a group of about 20 players. The name of our style of music is Samba Reggae.

Easy English … Hello! My name is Adrian. I can help you with your English! My hobby is playing Brazilian drum music.

I have many years’ experience helping people of many levels and ages with their pronunciation, grammar and general communication. I can speak some Russian ( Привет! ) and can help all levels from near-beginners to advanced with your English. I specialise in adults, and I also consider teaching children over 10 years old, particularly Russian-speaking children.

Of course, the lesson content very much depends on your needs, wishes and interests.

The main focus for most students is speaking and listening.

Many people require a lot of help with pronunciation, articles ( a / an / the ), the grammar structures of asking questions, and practicing speaking (and someone telling you when there are errors!). Lessons often start with pronunciation and grammar exercises (the student speaks the exercises), and include speaking about a topic. Examples of topics are “what you did yesterday”, your interests, and problems of the world. In the process you practice grammar and pronunciation. We do many things in lessons!

Book a trial lesson with me to discuss your goals and try out a selection of learning activities.