Online chat (conversation)

£17 per hour

For online chat, I do not prepare any materials or activities, but I can give instant feedback on your performance if requested.  I can give advice on IELTS or any other English language learning matters.  You need to book and pay in advance.  Phone-chat + email alternative: £16 per hour. (You telephone me.)

Online lessons

£27 per hour

This rate applies for Speaking exams, Exam Preparation lessons (including IELTS), intensive pronunciation work, General English lessons, and anything else where I prepare materials in advance.  You need to book and pay in advance.  Phone + email alternative: £26 per hour. (You telephone me.)

I am unlikely to be able to provide long-term courses which are full-time or nearly full-time.

Writing feedback service including IELTS

£15 per hour

For this, you send me your writing by email; you should explain the background to this writing (for example, maybe it relates to an exam).  Then I look at your writing and decide how long it will take me to prepare feedback.  If you agree to the cost, you then send the money and I will assess the writing, pointing out specific errors and positive points, and explaining how the writing can be improved.

Exercise Sending and Receiving service by email

£15 per hour

This is where you have asked me to give you writing, grammar, vocabulary, or reading exercises or exam papers (including IELTS), which I then need to select, find and email to you.  Then, after you have done the exercises, I will mark and send the exercises back to you and give you feedback.  When I have found the suitable exercises, I will decide how much total time I will have been spending; if you agree to the cost, you send the money before I send you the exercises.  This service is only available if I can source the material from my home.


All my services are 1-to-1. There will be no other students involved in any service that you pay for. I do not offer lessons or video chat to groups of more than 1 student.